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The Top 5 Wedding Dress Design Trends in 2014

Planning for your big day, but cannot choose what design will look good on you? Then you should start browsing through wedding dress inspirations from this year’s trends. From bare back to off shoulder, you may find something suitable for your taste.

bridal gownsHere are some of them:

Bare Back

Bring your sexy back to the aisle, as bridal gown designers are taking the plunge backwards. If you don’t have big breasts to flatter your chest, then showing your naked back can make up for it. Be sure that you’re comfortable not wearing a brassiere, though.

Long, Sheer Sleeves

If you’re not comfortable showing too much skin, choose sheers to have a thin fabric layer that doesn’t hide the skin completely. It’s lightweight, so you won’t feel heavy and hot. For design purposes, sheer sleeves also come with laces, chiffon, and beaded or embroidered tulles.

Off The Shoulder

Since Donna Karan introduced her cold shoulder dress design in the 1980s, it created a trend in the fashion industry and even made it to wedding gowns. Off the shoulder gives the upper body exposure without making it look awkward regardless of the body size and shape.

The Bling

Instead of settling for a plain white fabric, designers decided to add elements that’ll make the wedding dress sparkle. Pearls, beads, or any small stone can give emphasis to the details of the wedding dress without overdoing the design.

Colour Shade

Many bridal dresses for sale are starting to embrace other colours like green, blue, and pink. In fact, some designers are encouraging brides to bring out their girly side by choosing pastel colours. Non-traditional colours became a trend, as it brings out a woman’s personality better.

These are only some of the designs that you should check out for your wedding dress. Even if they look good, make sure that you’re comfortable to enjoy your big day.

Paul McCartney Falls Ill, Cancels Japan Tour

Image from Oli Gill | Wikimedia

Image from Oli Gill | Wikimedia

Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, was forced to postpone his shows in Japan after contracting a virus.

Cancellation Of Gigs

McCartney has been hospitalized after falling ill during his “Out There” tour in Asia.

“Since contracting a virus last week that led to the postponement of tour dates, Paul received successful medical treatment at a hospital in Tokyo,” according to a statement posted Thursday on his official website. “He’ll make a complete recovery and has been ordered to take a few days rest.”

Cancellations of shows are rate for McCartney, but the 71-year-old is expected to make a full recovery.

Messages Of Support, Love

The shows at Tokyo’s National Stadium are being rescheduled.

McCartney thanked fans for their well wishes in a statement on his website. He said he was very touched by the messages of support.

“Paul has been extremely moved by all the messages and well wishes he has received from fans all over the world,” the statement said.

McDonald’s Headquarters Shut Down As Protests Continue

After McDonalds vacated its headquarters in Illinois, thousands of protesters moved to a new location, as they want the fast food giant to increase the salaries of workers.

Image from ParentingPatch | Wikimedia

Low Wage Activists Prepare Attack

Police issued an order to disperse and arrest protesters who passed through McDonald’s property.

Protesters are demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. They are expected to continue their actions during the company’s shareholder meeting.

“We want to make sure that McDonald’s shareholders and CEO Don Thompson hear us and see us and know that these are the workers they are pushing into poverty,” said Kendall Fells, a spokesman of the workers organizing group Fast Food Forward.

Fast Food Workers’ Rights

Low-wage activists said they want to highlight how low salaries have affected workers and worsened income inequality in the US.

McDonald’s decided to close its main headquarters ahead of the protests after consulting the police.

The shutdown affected about 3,000 workers and one of five McDonald’s corporate buildings.

termite control

Termite Trivia: Things You Probably Didn’t Know About These Pests

termite controlFor many, termite equates to an infestation. The immediate response is to call termite control in Virginia Beach or bring out the home kit against these pests. While they’re certainly not welcome in your home, these species still have some interesting qualities:

Termites are gluttons

There may be thousands of species of termites all around the world, but they do have one thing in common: their diet. Termites have nearly limitless appetites, as they can and will eat anything they see. While wood is the most common thing they eat, but they can also consume other things such as paper products, swimming pool filtration systems, and insulation. In addition, they eat 24/7.

In terms of wood, they eat almost anything that has water in it, but ash, aspen, alder, beech, birch, maple, poplar, pine, spruce, cottonwood, and elm are more vulnerable.

Add this gluttony to the fact that a termite queen can lay as much as 40,000 eggs per day – that’s several layings per minute, some say every 15 seconds or so – and you can have an infestation problem in no time. Colonies can contain thousands – and in severe cases, millions – of termites.

Termites are vampires

Termites are the vampires of the animal kingdom, as they never sleep and they hate sunlight. This is the reason these creatures create mud tubes for them to travel on, as exposure to the sun can harm and even kill them. These tubes form a vast network of tunnels that connect different parts of an area such as support piers, floor joists, and foundation walls to other sections of the colony’s headquarters.

They do have time when they go outside to play, and that’s spring. So, be ready to take on these swarmers after the winter.

Termites have social systems

What’s interesting about this species is the way that they have a hierarchy and a social system. The king and queen are, of course, on top of everyone else. They also have workers and soldiers similar to ant colonies.

Soldier termites often have big jaws and bulbous heads, while worker termites – the ones that look after the queen and gather food – often have a creamy white color.

The more you know about these creatures, the easier it is to prevent them from ruining your home. When you suspect you suffer from a termite infestation, call professionals and let them handle the removal and control of these creatures.

senior story teller

To Sir, With Love: Three Teaching Mistakes to Avoid

senior story tellerWhen pupils get bored, their minds often drift, especially when you’re dealing with pre-schoolers and grade schoolers. While most students revert to daydreaming, sheep counting, and general inattentiveness, there are those who go on a somewhat destructive pursuit.

While there are a lot of things you can do as a teacher to keep your students from getting bored, understanding the problem and knowing what not to do should be your first step in countering the negative effects of boredom.

Here’s a list of things many instructors do that cause boredom:

Not Making Things Interesting Enough

Many grade-level topics and lessons are interesting, but the pupils don’t know that. In fact, they probably think it’s boring based on their previous experiences. It’s your job to show them otherwise.

You should give them a reason to care about the lessons. A lot of teachers just talk and deliver the lessons, forgetting one of the most critical parts: selling it. If you’re handling their English, reading, or history class, for example, make it interesting by injecting some fun into it. You can have the students role play stories, for example, or you can work with professional heritage storytellers for a nice change of pace.

Leading a Slow, Sloppy Pace

A good teacher strives to be mindful about how they use time. How much time you spend discussing one lesson affects the students’ interest. Keep things interesting by having a regular show-and-tell or storytelling session, “lightning round” quizzes, and having guests over, such as a few senior storytellers from Tales of Times Past to share their experiences in subjects such as history, reading, and literature. The idea here is to never let boredom be part of the lesson. As long as the activities are permitted by the school and are well within the guidelines of the Department of Education, you can go ahead and use it in class.

Failing to Adjust

No matter what you’re trying to discuss, or how important it may be, the moment you see kids becoming uninterested, you need to adjust. Forcing to finish the lesson will not be worth it, as the students are likely no longer listening. Often times, all they need is a break or a moment to stretch their legs. Other times, you may need to move on to a new topic.

Where there is boredom, there is misbehaviour. If you can avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, you can keep boredom at bay.

Bride and groom

Rite Place, Rite Time: How Not to Ruin Your Wedding

Weddings can bring out the best and worst in a person. Of course, you’ll want your big day to go as smoothly as possible, but that can be hard when emotions are high, your crazy relatives are bunched together, and everyone must follow a tight schedule, not to mention the bloopers that’ll likely come after you open the bar.

To avoid having your dream day becoming a disaster, here’s a list on how not to ruin your wedding, whether you’re the bride and groom.

Bride and groomDon’t Get Drunk

You’ve spent a lot of time prepping yourself for the big day, the reception and the photo shoots that’ll follow, so it’s only apt that you look your best throughout the ceremony. You’ll want to have the most beautiful and creative wedding photo albums, so it’s never a good idea to look and be drunk, whether you’re the groom, bride, or a guest.

Don’t Deviate from the Program and Schedule

You likely spent months planning your wedding down to the littlest detail, so it would be a waste if you don’t stick to the program and the timeline.

If you need to be at the venue by 6 pm, be sure to leave the hotel or the house early, keeping in mind the time it’ll take you to go through traffic, get your grooming done, and get into your dress or suit. If there’s a program lined up for the reception or you plan to have a photo with everyone, be sure to stick to it, too.

Don’t Clash with the Bride

“Here comes the bride, all dressed in white…,” as the song goes. If you’re not the bride, don’t wear anything white or a color close to white. It’s the bride’s special day, and you don’t want to be stepping into the spotlight if you’re not her.

If you want to have memorable wedding albums and photos, and if you don’t want to get on the newlywed couple’s bad side, be sure to follow the formal and informal dress codes.

Samuel Eto’o To Play His Fourth World Cup For Cameroon

Image by mustapha_ennaimi | Wikimedia

Image by mustapha_ennaimi | Wikimedia

Samuel Eto’o is set to feature in his fourth World Cup for Cameroon after Volker Finke revealed his provisional World Cup squad. The player will draw level with legends Rigobert Song and Jacques Songo’o.

 Breaking Records

The Chelsea forward has represented his country thrice in 1998, 2002, and 2010, which can rival national icons like Song and Songo’o who have represented Cameroon four times. After reversing his decision to retire from international duty, he might as well look to break another record. Eto’o is just two goals shy of Roger Milla’s national goal records. The legendary forward has put 5 across 3 World Cups.

 28-Man Squad

Other names in the 28-man squad include Fabrice Olinga, Edgar Salli, Jean Makoun, Stephane Mbia, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, and Alex Song. Jacques Zoua misses out on the squad because of his injury problems.

The Indomitable Lions is set to face Mexico in Natal on June 13, and Croatia and Brazil on other dates.

Brick Pavement with weeds

Keep them Clean: Maintenance for Brick Pavers

Brick Pavement with weedsBrick pavers are an excellent alternative to concrete. They are a durable material for different areas in the home, including the driveway, pathway, pool area, and patio. As they are made from natural resources, they produce a rich colour and enduring strength, making them the perfect material for outdoor floors.

While brick pavers are sturdy and durable, they need regular maintenance. This is necessary to keep them looking nice and to prevent damage. Learn the right way to take care of your pavers with these tips:

Hose Regularly

To maintain a clean and attractive patio appearance, hose your pavers regularly. Use a broom to sweep the dirt and debris and follow it with a hose to remove the stubborn debris. Avoid directing the water spray in to the joints, as it may disrupt the sand.

Weed Out Weeds

When weeds begin to grow between the joints of your paver, they can spoil the look of your patio. Use herbicide spray to kill weeds and prevent them from growing back. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water, a known non-toxic solution for controlling weed growth.

Sand between Joints

Add sand between the joints of pavers to maintain a clean look and keep the foundation stable. Use one that is specifically meant for bricks and pour it in the joints. The sand will hold the pavers in place and may prevent weeds from growing between the bricks.

Treat Stains

Remove the stains in brick using use a wire brush and mild detergent mixed with water. Before using a wire brush, test it out in the hidden area for damage. Then, rinse away the detergent after cleaning.

Seal it

Apply seal pavers every two to three years with a sealant designed for them. Follow the manufacturer’s direction in applying the sealant. This protects your brick pavers from environmental damages and prevents stains from setting into the bricks.

Follow these tips to make your pavers neat and to prevent cracking or shifting of individual bricks. This reduces the hard work and the cost of replacing the bricks overtime.

purchasing used cars and trucks

Things to Know Before Purchasing Government Surplus Items

purchasing used cars and trucksBuying surplus products from the government is an affordable way to operate your business. The government offers new and used items such as medical equipment, vehicles, computers, and many other things that your business might need. Most of the goods sold by the government are at below cost or at fair market value.

How it Works?

When the federal agency has excess equipment, repossessed properties, or seized goods, they are transferred to the government or sold to the public. The items are sold in an auction or negotiated sale, which can be held online or in person.

There is no single auction site for all the government agencies. Agencies are responsible disposing extra government property in their own way or through their auction sites. Major agencies also collaborate with auction houses or auctioneers to sell excess property or goods.

Inspecting the Items

The items are sold as is, so it is advisable to inspect the item before making a bid. This is highly applicable for major purchases like government cars and trucks. While most of the vehicles are in good condition or need a little work, a thorough inspection is still necessary. Most government vehicles, however, are sold at wholesale prices with no buyer’s fee.

Participating in an Auction

When participating in an auction or purchasing government cars, research first. Some companies charge additional fees for government information. Government agencies have certain rules and regulations. You may visit one or two auction events to get familiar with the bidding process.

Some agencies may also require you to appear in person and pay in cash for the items you want to buy. You may also look for a company that collaborates with major government agencies in the country.

Before purchasing government surplus at auctions, weigh their pros and cons first. Visit websites offering surplus goods or look for a reliable government auctioneer or companies that sell on behalf of different agencies in Australia.

recruitment process

Recruitment Agencies: Professional Career Option Providers

recruitment processFinding the right job is important to making it up the ladder of the corporate world. Looking for work in the vast field of the employment world can make one’s head spin. There are so many places to look, including CPE Group and even Craigslist, that you would not even know where to begin.

The help of a recruitment agency can give you a big boost when you are just starting your professional career. To make the most out of your career options, seek professional guidance from the finest recruitment agencies in Perth.

Below are some benefits of using recruitment agencies for your employment search:


Most job vacancies advertised by agencies cannot be found elsewhere. This means that employment opportunities that would otherwise be closed are wide open for you.

Expert Training and Professional Advice

Having a good agency can help you career-wise because they can hone your skills and help you prepare for interviews in your employment pursuit.

The Time Factor

You won’t waste time hunting for leads in an endless job search. Recruitment agencies spend their time looking for the perfect job for you.

Having a Partner in Your Search

With a top-notch recruitment agency, you get people working to secure good interviews for you. All you have to do is bring your finely-tuned resume and look snappy.

Skills Set Analysis

Recruitment agencies specialise in determining how to make the most out of your specific skills set to be in a company that suits you. A perfect fit means a perfect opportunity for career growth.

Always keep your specific needs in mind when deciding on which agency to go for. Try to approach one or two before settling on your decision. Consultants can help guide you and ease your career flow with their expertise as you strive towards your dream job. You won’t have to wait for doors of opportunities that only come once in a lifetime to open. Those doors will instead keep opening up for you. All you have to do is decide which one to follow in your professional career path.