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talking about divorce

Marriage on the Rocks: Factors that have Impact on Divorce

talking about divorceResearchers estimate that 40 to 50 percent of all first marriages in the United States will end in permanent separation. The risk of divorce is even higher for second marriages; about 60 percent. Although divorce has always been a concern in American society, it has become more common today.

There are certain behaviors that are clearly outside the moral boundaries of marriage. The most common grounds for divorce include abuse, infidelity, and addiction.


There are two types of relationship violence: intimate terrorism and situational couple violence. Intimate terrorism is about domination of one spouse by the other. Studies show that it’s normally men who are most guilty of this. Most of them have hostile feelings toward women in general. They tend to control their partners physically, psychologically, and even sexually. If you’re a victim of this kind of abuse, look for a divorce lawyer in Long Island to help you.

Situational couple violence, on the other hand, is not rooted in a general pattern of control. This type of intimate partner violence happens when a particular conflict situation escalates to violence. It involves things like kicking, slapping, pushing, and even shouting.


Cheating plays a significant role in divorce. Though the country is a sexually tolerant society, many Americans still believe that infidelity is morally wrong. Most people who learn about a partner’s infidelity have a hard time recovering. According to the 2008 USA Today/Gallup Poll, about 54 percent of Americans know someone who has had an unfaithful partner.


Another common problem that leads to divorce is addiction. It could be addiction to drugs, alcohol, and even pornography. In recent years, addiction to pornography has become a challenge for many married couples. For some women, addiction to pornographic materials is a form of infidelity.

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), about 78.3 percent of the population uses the Internet as of 2011. About 20 to 30 percent of those actively using the Internet use it for sexual purposes. The majority of those people are either heterosexual single males or married men. Addiction to pornography is associated with sexual deviance and increased marital dissatisfaction.

Marriage is a sacred matter. When conflict arises, some couples try to work it out, while others decide to part ways. If your marriage is failing and irreconcilable, consult your local divorce attorney today.

pool waterline tiles

No Ordinary Swimming Pool: Reasons to Put In a Lap Pool

pool waterline tilesA lap pool is the ideal solution if you dream of having a ground pool in your home for workouts, but don’t have much space in your backyard.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing a lap pool in your home.

Adds Value to Your Home

According to a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, swimming pool installations can increase the value of a house from 8 to 15 percent. This is particularly beneficial if you plan to sell your house in the future. If your yard is too small to accommodate a regular sized pool, go for a one lane lap pool instead with unique pool waterline tiles.

Saves Money

A lap pool is easier to maintain compared to a regular sized swimming pool. It requires much less space, so you can save on the cost of pool repair. It’s also less expensive and is available in affordable price ranges.

Comes in a Surprising Array of Designs

Lap pools have endless design possibilities. You can build a personal pool with waterline tiles in a relatively small room or install it in your backyard, complete with a social gathering area and a pool deck.

Has Many Health Benefits

Unlike other pools which focus primarily on amusement and pleasure, a lap pool is designed particularly for the purpose of swimming laps. It also has current in the water for you to swim against. Swimming some laps is good resistance training with all that water to push and pull through. If you struggle with asthma, then start swimming some laps.

Allows You to Meditate

When you have a lap pool installed in your house, you can fully concentrate while swimming. It allows you to meditate and swim whenever you want. You can’t do those things in a recreational pool in a club or a gym.

Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise your muscles and relax your mind. Put in a lap pool in your home today to reap all its benefits.

house inspection

Tackling Foundation Problems

house inspectionCracked walls, bulging floors, and doors that won’t close; these are some of the most common signs of foundation problems. Foundation settlement—the downward movement of a building to a point below its original position—often leads to major structural problems within the home. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to get it fixed immediately.

The Causes

There are several reasons houses settle. Inadequate maintenance around its foundation, weak bearing soil, maturing trees and vegetation, and compaction of the underlying soil due to moisture content or changes in soil condition are often to blame. Foundation problems are often a problem for older structures, but there are houses that experience some degree of settlement within the first few years after construction. Whatever the cause, foundation settlement can destroy your property and pose a risk to your family’s safety.

Common Methods

There are two common repair methods for lifting recessed foundation: piering and slab jacking. Piering involves the use of bell bottom foundation structures to remedy failing building foundations. It is used to tackle large problems, especially those found in commercial buildings and other big structures.

Slab jacking, on the other hand, corrects smaller slabs, such those found in homes, sidewalks, driveways, and swimming pool decks. It involves pumping a cement grout through a small hole in the concrete slab. Once in place, the grout solidifies and provides competent bearing for the slab.

Taking the Steps

If you think your house has foundation problems, experts suggest conducting a house inspection. Look for a structural engineer and examine your walls and ceiling, check the doors and windows, and assess the cracks. A house evaluation will help you determine the extent of the problem and identify the best possible solution to fix it. Afterward, hire a professional foundation repair service and tackle the issue immediately.

Repairing foundation—whether through slab jacking or the use of bell bottom piers—is costly, but it ensures the safety of your family and saves your property from further damage.

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Four Practical Reasons To Get a Home Improvement

living roomWhenever experts start talking about home improvements, they usually don’t need any kind of reason to alter the existing structure of the home. But if you’re about to spend thousands of dollars, and potentially making the house uninhabitable for days or weeks, you’ll need a few good ones.

Fortunately, there are four very good reasons a home improvement would be the best thing for your house. If any of these reasons remind you of home, get the renovators on the line and start dreaming about your new home.

Like it Comfy

Renovating for comfort may seem like the most frivolous reason in the world, but it’s also the most common and technical. Fluctuating temperatures mean that home improvements in Perth often have something to do with upgrading heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

Be warned, though, once these renovations start, it’s to say no to sensible add-ons that you may not have prepared for. These kinds of renovations usually involve a lot of tear-down-the-wall work so why not get into improving the plumbing and electrical systems while you’re at it. As you’re already talking plumbing, try waterproofing the basement in preparation for the next flood.

When it Works

Maintenance renovations are the most important reasons you should consider a renovation, because 1) why did you let it get this bad, and 2) do it before the entire roof collapses on you. Home improvements involving repair jobs include heavy projects, such as roof replacement, repairing masonry and foundations to easy chores like repainting fences and walls.

Repairs can also include fixing broken wiring and leaky pipes, though these are more repair jobs than home improvement projects.

Need Space

Want a bigger house, but don’t want to move? Expand; turn seldom used marginal areas into fully functional living spaces. Extra usable rooms make the house seem bigger, adds to its resale value, and gives you plenty of options when you want some alone time.

Green House

Renovators can install energy efficient thermal insulation into your walls, making you less dependent on heat and air-conditioning costs. Experts can also give you advice on the latest technology that will allow you to save on lighting, and other energy consuming appliances.

Getting ready for a home improvement project is always hard, but with a good enough reason, you’ll find that anything is possible.

swimming pool

Secure the Pool: Keeping Your Pool Safe at All Times

swimming poolPools bring fun and excitement, but they also come with serious safety issues and obligations. If you own one, it is your responsibility to prevent children and pets from falling into the water and avoid accidents.

Prevent drowning and keep your pool safe at all times with the following pool safety equipment:

Pool Fences

Install a four-foot tall fence around your pool and spa with self-latching gates to ensure the safety of your kids. You may choose a four-sided isolation fence to completely surround your pool or spa. This ensures the safety of your children by enclosing the pool on four-sides and allows for access through a gate.

Pool Safety Net

Protect children and pets from exposed open water with a pool safety net. This stretches across the pool and above the water to form a secure isolation, thus preventing unwanted access. A safety net uses custom hooks and brass anchors in the deck to secure the net. Apart from providing a secure barrier, it also maximizes the available space in the backyard and preserves the view of the swimming pool area.

Pool Covers

Prevent accidental drowning and keep your family safe with an automatic pool cover. This prevents access by pets, children, and unwanted visitors. Pool covers also keep the dirt and debris from your pool, helping you save money and time when it comes to pool maintenance.

Anti-Entrapment Equipment

Keep children and adults safe from any entrapment incidents in pools with an anti-entrapment system. This works by preventing the suction of a pool in making a seal that could trap a person’s body against the drain, which could possibly result in drowning. Adding safety vacuum release systems (SVRS) provides a rapid vacuum release when a drain becomes blocked.

Reduce the risks and dangers associated with your swimming pool with these products and equipment. Contact a reliable pool equipment company to acquire pool covers and other safety systems that can significantly enhance the safety in your pool area.

Chinese Gold Demand May IncreaseBy 20% In Three Years

Image by  Rob Lavinsky | Wikimedia

Image by
Rob Lavinsky | Wikimedia

The Chinese’ already high demand for gold can increase by as much as 20% as more of its wealthy citizens look for alternate ways of making money.

Highest Buyers

China already overtook India as the world’s largest consumer of gold in 2013, with a record consumption of 1,132 tonnes that year. The numbers are set to hit a demand of 1, 350 tonnes by 2017 if current trends remain. Gold prices slumped in the late last year, as investors abandoned it as a safe haven for other bets. But, it quickly bounced back as buyers in Asia and the Middle East raced to take advantage of the low prices.

Risk and Safety

The continually rising demand is in stark contrast with predictions of economic slowdown in the world’s second largest economy. More Chinese prefer the solid affirmations offered by the yellow metal to the volatile liquid assets offered by stocks. The metal could prove useful for the Chinese if the slowdown does happen, as gold has a habit of rising in value during times of crisis.

mouse and keyboard

Look Before You Hire that SEO Company

mouse and keyboardSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a tricky thing, but hiring an SEO company is even trickier. Here’s why, imagine trying to buy a pushbike, but the store doesn’t show you the bikes he’s selling. Instead, he’ll tell you all about the specifications, measurements, statistics, and history of each push bike. You’ll need to make a decision just based on everything you’ve heard about which bike you want to buy.

Choosing an SEO company is the same thing, if you’re not familiar with the industry. Every small and big SEO company will tell you everything you need to know about SEO and their operations. They’ll try to be as specific and informative as they can to accommodate your lack of knowledge in the field. But try as you both might there’s little to nothing either of you can do to make the situation any easier.

Companies also need to be very careful of black hat SEOs that don’t really do much for the online presence of the company, and will only suck money away. Here are a couple of pitfalls that companies fall into when choosing an SEO company.

Pretty Website

Judging an SEO firm by its website is one of the first mistakes companies make when judging the abilities of company. If you’re the kind of person that’s easily blinded by awesome looking graphics, you’re better off asking someone else to scout potential SEO firms for you.

Incompetent and shady companies will focus a lot of their energy on their own website first to attract clients. Real SEO operations take time, so successful companies are too preoccupied with working on their client’s web presence than worry about their site.

That’s not to say you should go looking for crappy websites – that’s even worse. You just need to do more digging than looking at the website to make an accurate judgement of their abilities.

High Rank

Another potential pitfall you might fall for is using SEO to find SEO companies, which is putting ‘best SEO in Perth’ in Google and seeing what comes up. Though the logic of ‘if they’re the best at SEO they should come up first’ argument is sound in the real world, it doesn’t necessarily apply to how the web works.

Time is one of the factors that are distorted on the Internet. An SEO team doesn’t necessarily have to be the best, because being the oldest is a big advantage in ranking. Some new companies may suddenly top the rankings because they used shady strategies, but will soon fall from grace when Google flags them and take them out of the race.

In order to avoid making both of these mistakes do the research on the companies you’re choosing and actually study some of the things they’re talking about. It gives you a better understanding of what’s going on, and you’re less vulnerable to frauds trying to take advantage of your ignorance.

gold bullion

Why is Gold More Expensive than Silver?

gold bullionAmongst the three most popular precious metals, silver comes in with the lowest monetary value. While many remain loyal traders and collectors of gold and silver bars and bullion, not a lot of people wonder why the prices are as they are.

There are a few factors that influence this phenomenon, according to data from The Silver Institute, World Gold Council, and Atkinsons Coins and Bullion.


Rarity is one of the factors that influence the heftier price of gold over silver. It is just harder to acquire and process gold than silver, thus making it rarer. It is also worth mentioning that both silver and gold are often alloyed with other types of metal, which makes extraction a requirement to deliver a final product.

The difficulty in finding this precious material drives the price up, influencing the initial perceived value of it on the market. If there comes a point when manufacturers have an easier time looking for gold than silver, the price of gold would surely drop and silver will experience a significant rise in value.


Another factor to take into account is the inherent qualities of each precious metal. Platinum is pricey due to its high melting point and scarcity, silver is a perfect commodity in many industries, while gold is malleable and a little softer than most precious metals. These innate attributes contribute to their value, as it is harder to process.

Silver is easier to extract and mould into something decorative or useful, whereas gold requires its combination with another metal to hold its durability and shape.


The last basis of the price difference is the economy. Take a quick lesson in basic economics and you would encounter the concept of supply and demand. This is closely related to rarity; as it is harder to find gold, but the demand for it continuously increases around the world, especially in countries such as India and China. Since silver is abundant and the demand isn’t as strong, gold merits a higher value.

The interrelation of these three factors explains why silver has a lower price than gold. To completely understand how the market works for both collectors and traders, it’s important to know what drives the prices up and down.


Attraction-Centred Accommodations for Your Brisbane Trip

brisbaneBrisbane provides many different attractions such as local and national parks, botanic gardens, galleries and museums, golf courses, shopping malls and districts, farmers’ markets, and world-famous beaches. It provides unique attractions as well such as the Brisbane Zoo and the RNA Showgrounds.

For visitors seeking ideal accommodations near Brisbane’s famous attractions, consider these recommendations:


The Emporium

The Emporium is an award-winning boutique hotel in the Emporium precinct that combines contemporary elegance with personalised service. It has 102 suites, custom-designed and finished with marble kitchenettes and sleep pillow menu.

Located in the Emporium precinct, the boutique hotel is minutes away from the city centre. It’s the ideal accommodation for business and leisure.


Punthill is a premium hotel in Spring Hill that features private balconies, luxurious beds and deluxe kitchens, and workspaces with contemporary furnishings. It provides an outdoor courtyard, complete with a swimming pool, spa, and gymnasium.

Located minutes away from the Central Train Station, the Queen Street Mall and the Central Business District (CBD), it’s the ideal accommodation for business and leisure travellers.

Specialty Accommodations

Breakfree Fortitude Valley Apartments

Breakfree Fortitude Valley Apartments is a leading specialty accommodation in Fortitude Valley that provides air-conditioned studio, one- or two-bedroom apartments. It provides underground parking and other conveniences as well.
Located a walk away from the Emporium precinct and James street, the apartments provide convenient access to many cinemas, specialty shops, fresh food markets, bars, and restaurants. It’s the ideal specialty lodging for short, mid, and long term stays.

The Terrace

The Terrace is a unique specialty accommodation near the RNA Showgrounds that provides one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.

Located a walk away from Gregory Terrace, the accommodation provides convenient access to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, the Queensland Old Museum, and the entertainment district, apart from being near the RNA Showgrounds.

Each year, tourists from all over the country and the world travel to Brisbane to enjoy the many attractions the city has to offer. With that said, consider these accommodations if you’re seeking an ideal place to stay in this lovely city.

Heirloom jewellery

Heirloom Jewellery: Establishing a Connection between Generations

For some families, it’s tradition to pass valuable jewels or jewelleries from one generation down to the next. These special pieces will always be part of a family’s history. If your family practices the same, it’s important to take care of whatever is handed down to you.

Update a Worn Heirloom

Heirloom jewelleryIf your heirloom jewellery is too worn, find jewellers in Melbourne that can transform your outdated heirloom and make it new again. The rare jewels in your jewellery and its sentimental value are what make it priceless. There’s a story behind that ring you inherited, so don’t just keep it in your jewellery box.

You may commission a jeweller to reshape your great grandma’s wedding ring into a new pendant you’ll be proud to wear. They can also repurpose your mother’s old brooch into new matching jewellery set. With these ideas, you can keep the beautiful stones and elegant features that remind you of those people who used to wear that precious jewellery.

Replace Lost Stones

You can easily find loose diamond sellers online if you want to replace lost stones. Before you make any transactions, however, make sure to check the website of your chosen dealer. Some dealers also have chat support if you have any concerns.

Receive Contemporary Appraisal Method

Expert local jewellers can give you an accurate appraisal of your diamond jewellery using the latest technology. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the nature of diamonds, such jewellers can restore the former glory of your heirloom jewel.

Clean Your Heirloom Periodically

Make sure to clean your heirloom jewellery occasionally in warm soapy water. Use a non-detergent soap and use a soft brush to remove dirt. Before storing it, keep a soft cloth handy to wipe off moisture. You may also wrap it in tissue before placing it in your lined box or velvet pouch.

No amount of insurance can ever replace an emotional attachment to heirloom jewellery. Make sure to take care of it so the next family member to inherit it will have a piece of history to cherish.