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Prince Charles Secures 5M Vaccines For Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Image by Julien Harneis | Wikimedia

Image by Julien Harneis | Wikimedia

UK royal Prince Charles has arranged a mass vaccination intended to deliver five million doses of measles and rubella vaccine to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

The epidemic

Measles is considered a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. It can be spread easily by sneezing, coughing, and close personal contact.

The virus hit the country since the super typhoon last year, leaving more than 6,000 dead and almost 1,800 missing.

Life-saving donation

The vaccination targets infants aged 9 months to 5 years old who are at most risk from the disease.

“The Prince was delighted that the Serum Institute was able to make such a generous donation to this important and urgent cause, and he was very pleased that the institute and the two charities have been able to work so effectively with the Philippines Department of Health, the World Health Organization and UNICEF to bring about this agreement,” a Clarence House spokesperson said.


Harvest the Benefits: Starting a Garden

TomatoesA garden provides benefits beyond beauty and fresh produce. It acts as an ecosystem supporter that supplies clean air. Growing a beautiful garden, however, requires time and effort. Here are few basic gardening tips you need to know to create a thriving backyard:


To ensure that you’re using the right kind of soil, have it tested. Use the test result to know about your soil’s composition and pH nutrient. Improve the soil’s quality by adding organic matter or fertilizer.


Vegetable plants need at least eight hours of full sun exposure every day. Flowers, perennials, and other decorative plants need different levels of sun exposure to ensure optimum growth. Before planting anything, it is best to know the amount of light that gets in your backyard. You can also hire a landscape design company to know the best plants for your soil type.


The best time to water your plants is early morning before temperatures begin to rise. This gives your plants a good supply of water to face the heat of the day. Choose a watering device that suits the need of your garden and make sure that you know the correct way to use it to water efficiently.


Fertilizer provides nitrogen for your plants to promote growth and help with root health. Although chemical fertilizers are powerful, organic matters like animal manures and wood ashes are your best option. Organic fertilizer includes an additional benefit of improving the soil quality in the long run.


Mulch insulates the soil to provide a buffer from varying temperatures. It also keeps the weeds out and prevents root competition. You can purchase your mulch or make your own by using leaf litter or grass clippings.

With proper care and maintenance, you can surely have your dream garden. Consult with landscape design experts to improve what you have right now.

solar hot water

The Hottest Benefits of Hot Showers

solar hot waterWhile the trend in physical rejuvenation is cold showers, you cannot deny that warm and hot showers have a handful of proven benefits. Listed below are some of the gains of hot showers that may urge you get a solar hot water system.


Massages can be costly, but if you want to do away with the stress brought about by long day at the office, take some time under the shower head. The relaxation doesn’t end when you turn the shower knob back; the remnants of warmth on your skin can keep you relaxed for a prolonged period.

Elimination of Pain

A warm bath relieves muscular pain and speeds up recuperation. It is an ideal form of relaxation after joining any tough action sport. Heat is essential for many metabolic processes in your body, and it’s logical to say that warm water has properties that may heal worn out muscle groups. It may feel like receiving a relaxing massage or a short treatment from a physical therapist.

Better Sleep

Taking a warm shower at night makes some adjustments to your body before you sleep. When you get off the bathroom after a warm bath, your body temperature will drop as you stay in a bedroom with a much lower temperature. The drop in the body’s heat tells your body that it’s time to rest, thus, putting metabolic functions like breathing, digestion, and heart rate in a more relaxed state.

Cleaner and More Supple Skin

When your skin is exposed to heat, the pores organically open up. Washing your skin with warm water will open up your pores, thus, making it easier to wash away all the dirt particles and irritants trapped in the skin. This leaves your skin cleaner, clearer, and more supple.

It seems warm showers have benefits that are equally important as those of cold showers. Other benefits include body flexibility and resistance to detrimental stimuli. Invest in a quality solar hot water system to keep you fresh and your energy bill down.


clothes in a closet

Surviving Divorce: Post Divorce To-Do Items on your List

clothes in a closetDivorce is the most confusing and difficult challenge a family may face. After hearings have been conducted, papers have been signed, and things have been moved, nothing will ever be the same. You may find yourself managing your finances on your own for the first time, looking for a new home, or checking online job sites. If you have children, transitioning to a single-parent life can be lonely and difficult.

More than half of all marriages in the country, including those in New York, end up in divorce, so take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Work with your trusted divorce attorney, get support from your family, and pick up the pieces to start anew. Live your life for the people who continue to love you.

Here are four post-divorce to-do items that can help you through this difficult situation:

Clean Up Your Closet

Take time to go through your closet and remove everything that reminds you of your ex-partner, from old love letters to dried flowers, and photographs. You will not be able to move forward as long as you keep these things, so let go of them; throw them or sell them.

Organize Your Finances

You hold all the responsibility for your finances now that you’re divorced. This is why it’s important to organize them. Divorce lawyers suggest checking your remaining savings and knowing how much money you owe the banks or lenders. Create a personal financial statement, open a new account, and continue to save.

Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Kids feel the most pain during a divorce, so it’s important to help them get through the situation by spending quality time with them. Visit a museum, stroll along the park, or organize a picnic. Sharing great moments with your kids will also help you cope with post-divorce stress.

Focus on Your Well-Being

Take care of your body; undergo a physical examination, visit your dentist, and eat right. Examine your diet and see if your body is getting enough nutrition. Stack your kitchen with healthy foods and start a daily workout routine. Join a gym, enroll in a yoga or aerobics class, and participate in fun runs. When you feel good, it would be easier to start your journey towards a happy, single life.

German Customs Intercept Cocaine-Filled Condoms Addressed To The Vatican

DrugpackscorpionGerman customs officials have intercepted a packaged addressed to the Vatican that contained 14 condoms filled with cocaine, the finance ministry announced Sunday, March 23.

High and Holy

A spokesperson from Germany’s finance ministry told Agence France Presse that a box packed with 340 grams of cocaine with a value of 40,000 euros ($55,200) was seized at the international airport in the eastern Germany city of Leipzig in January.

The drugs, which came from an unnamed South American country, were in liquid form and had been poured into the condoms and placed in the box. The package was addressed to the main postal center at the Vatican.

“I can confirm the incident as reported” in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, the spokesperson told AFP.

“But we cannot say anything more about the case,” he added, saying it is now in the hands of local prosecutors.

Failed Plot

Authorities tried setting a trap at the Vatican for a culprit who might try to claim the package, but the box had remained there since January.

German investigators believe the still unknown intended recipient was likely tipped off that the package had been intercepted.

The Vatican office of Interpol is now teaming up with Leipzig prosecutor’s office.


reliable white label seo agency

To Use or Not to Use: Are Keywords Still Important for Your SEO Strategies?

reliable white label seo agencyAs Google strengthened its efforts in making semantic search work, many online marketers wonder if are keywords still relevant. While some would argue that these are part of outdated SEO methodologies, others stress the importance of using the right keywords or phrases, especially when creating content or monitoring site rankings.

In today’s search landscape, keywords are no longer the center of attention, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to include them in your search methodologies. It all comes down to how well you apply effective strategies from a trusted white label SEO company.

Focusing on User Intent

Keywords are no longer the simple phrases they used to be. Like everything else in the search landscape, they’ve evolved to provide value and address user intent. Today, search marketers use them according to four types of intent: navigational, informational, commercial, and transactional. Mapping your keywords based on these types of intent can help you provide valuable content that target semantic search queries.

Measuring Online Performance

Keywords are just as important when it comes to measuring online performance, as search algorithms still use them to determine what the page is about. If you’re using the proper set in the right context and user intent, you have more chances of generating clicks from SERPs, which, in turn, reflects on your online performance.

Keywords still serve as a good foundation for your search strategies. You just have to know how to work around them, so you can apply the appropriate methodologies that will drive results for your clients.

Green Parking Lot

Green Parking Lots: Benefiting more than the Environment

Green Parking LotGreen parking lots can enhance the appearance of parking lots in communities, while benefiting the environment. Their innovative designs transform parking areas into more attractive and sustainable community assets.

While parking lots are realistic necessities, large expanses of paving generate storm-water runoff, flooding, air and water pollution, and excess heat.

Designed to use vegetation, innovative storm-water management practices, and sustainable materials, green parking lots mitigate the adverse environmental impacts of large expanses of paving. A green parking area reduces storm-water runoff and improves water quality in streams and rivers, as it filters and removes sediments and pollutants. It also decreases the volume, slows the velocity, and reduces the temperature of storm-water runoff entering the waterways.

In addition to managing storm-water runoff, flooding, and water pollution, an effective green parking lot also adds greenery and provides shade, while utilizing sustainable paving materials, creating environmentally-friendly and attractive parking areas.


When constructing a green parking lot, provide generous planting areas or green areas within it for planting trees and shrubs.


When constructing a green parking area, place large canopy trees with a minimum mature height of 30 feet or more strategically within the vicinity to provide maximum shade.

To enable trees and other vegetation to provide maximum greening and shading, consider designing larger green areas with sufficient growing space for plants to reach their full height and size.

Combining generous green areas with storm-water infiltration practices create optimal conditions for plants to grow, shade, and cool areas. In green parking lots, planting areas also serve as storm-water facilities, designed to capture runoff and provide water for vegetation.

With new parking lots in construction and existing parking areas in reconstruction, opportunities to create green parking lots continue to emerge. As a result, more homeowners and business owners are creating more sustainable and attractive environments.


car on road

Hitting the Road Alone: Tips for First-Time Solo Travelers

car on roadAfter finally securing your much-awaited vacation, you finally decided to go on a solo road trip. There are many types of road trips you can try — from a short weekend driving around the city and discovering new fun spots, to a special marathon journey to places you’ve never been. If you’re passionate about driving or hiking, solo travels can be as fun as being part of a group.

Other than enough food and clothing, there are more essentials you need to pack for a comfortable ride —maps, music devices and quality headphones or speakers, and other emergency tools. Here are some tips on how you can make your first solo travel filled with fun memories and less trouble:

Ask a mechanic to check your car before your departure

You’ll never know when a tire, or two, may blow, so allow a mechanic to service your car to help you get ready. These pre-departure checks will help you find out about any issues before you head out in the middle of nowhere. Check the tire pressure and always carry a spare.

Pack enough stuff for solo entertainment

Going solo on a trip for the first time can be challenging especially if you’re used to always being surrounded by people. It can get lonely at times when you’re alone on the road, particularly when you’re crossing long stretches of highways. Keep yourself entertained by blasting some mixed CDs or listening to audio books. If you’re going on a hike instead, pack some wireless headphones and other music devices to keep you from getting bored. Prepare a playlist or two ahead of time.

Download navigation apps or bring actual maps with you

When all you can rely on is yourself, the last thing you’d want to happen is to be stranded in some unknown rural area without a clear way out. Even if you have a good sense of direction, bring a paper map, a car with sat-nav, and a smartphone so you’ll have backups. Some locals may not be able to give specific directions, so arm yourself with all the right tools to help you get to your destination.


Girl in swimming pool

Top Three Cool Backyard Additions

Your backyard can be a year-round playground for families and friends. By incorporating a few renovations and cool additions, you make it an ultimate gathering spot. Here are the top three additions that can make your background more interesting and alive.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Surprise your neighbors and friends with films and sport events at the comfort of your own backyard. An outdoor movie theater is easy and affordable to setup. Put your projector on a raised platform and use a wall for the screen.

Make sure to set up a sound system that will complement your backyard screen. Then, put out a few blankets or patio furniture to let your guests relax under the stars while enjoying blockbuster films.

Girl in swimming poolSwimming Pool

Turn an ordinary backyard into a tropical destination with a swimming pool. This can add value to your quality of life and enhance the enjoyment of your home. Other than entertainment benefits, a pool can provide you with many health benefits. It can add value to your home and attract potential buyers if you plan to sell your home in the future.

The cost of the pool varies on the type of pool you want, landscaping design, pool liners, and recreational add-ons. While a new spa or pool installation can be a little luxurious, it is definitely worth it. A simple outdoor pool with a cool design or above ground pool liners can be the ultimate relaxing spot.

Tiki Bar

Add some retro appeal to your outdoor parties with a simple tiki bar. This cool party theme will transform your backyard into a festive gathering spot for a few drinks and maybe some barbecue.

A typical tiki bar includes a bamboo structure and a variety of other island decorations. The bar area is small and there are bamboo bar stools for guests. The hut has a thatched roof. You can create the tiki bar on your own or hire a contractor to do it.

Make your backyard an excellent venue for parties and small gatherings with these cool additions. Hire a contractor or get help from family and friends to create the best backyard ever.


Russian Parliament Members Want US Out Of The 2014 World Cup

Fifa world cup in brazil

Image by Ricardo Stuckert/Abr | Wikimedia

Michael Markelov and Alexander Sidyakin, members of the Russian parliament, have written an open letter to FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, asking to expel the US Soccer Federation from the world soccer’s governing body. They have also asked the president to prevent the US men’s national team to participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Enough Reasons

The two members claim that the military aggression against some sovereign states and numerous cases of human rights violation across the globe are enough reasons to expel the country from FIFA.

Sidyakin, in his tweet, says that “It’s an eye for an eye, a ball for a ball. Don’t let the USA take part in the 2014 World Cup! End their membership of FIFA’s.”


Many views this move as the parliament’s ball-for-ball response to a petition initiated by US senators Dan Coates and Mark Kirk. The petition asks FIFA to prevent Russia from competing in the World Cup for its aggressive military action in the Ukrainian region of Crimea.