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Your Quick Guide to Managing Moisture at Home

homeManaging your home doesn’t only revolve around dusting your windows and choosing an appropriate interior design. If you’re looking into the long term, you should walk by the territories of home management that are often left unchartered. One thing you should be looking into is, the amount of moisture that seeps into the walls and corners of your abode. Here’s a comprehensive guide to control moisture that can wreak costly havoc if left untreated.


If you have a garden, chances are the walls facing it suffer from weathering (in case you wall is concrete) due to constant exposure to moisture. The only thing you can do is to avoid excessive watering or create a considerable gap between the canal and the home’s wall.


During storms or after the snow has melt, a tremendous amount of water may fall off the roof. The way you divert the water from the walls and the foundations is critical to the longevity of your home. To prevent spills and to make the flow of water smooth, make sure that the gutters are free of leaves, twigs, and other items that may obstruct the water from flowing freely.

Basement Finishing

Basements are always susceptible to moisture, as their place under the ground is where water normally rests. There should be proper insulation to ward off moisture and stunt the growth of molds and mildew. You may use wall wraps from brands like EnviroSeal to conter certain upshots.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Some home equipment can cause moisture to set in, and it’s important that you keep an eye out of them. Proper maintenance of boilers, water heaters, humidifiers, and similar equipment can help reduce moisture and reduce the growth of molds and mildews. Always check or leaks, and see to it that they should vent outside. As mentioned, you can also use specialised wall wraps to complement the action.

Moisture is friendly, but too much of it can cause costly damages to your home. Moreover, it can cause health problems. Start with per floor planning, and see to it that you have the right equipment to protect your home from moisture issues every season.

E90 BMW M3

New BMW Classics: Future Icons of the Automotive Industry

BMW is a brand recognized around the world, and some BMW models have achieved iconic status. These cars, like the turbo-charged sports car M1 and the Batmobile-looking coupe 3.0 CSL, have endeared the name BMW to car lovers around the world.

But there are modern models too that look to follow the steps of their predecessors. They have the same qualities that captivated the faithful and inspire awe from the new demographics. Here are a few of the models of the future from Bavaria.

E90 BMW M3E90 BMW M3

The E90 M3 is BMW’s answer to Audi’s V8-powered S4 and more. This monster machine can rev up to 8000 rpm, putting out 414 hp from its 4.0 liter V8. The sedan line also has weight-optimized components and axle kinematics, which makes the car run faster than any M3 that came before it.

E90 BMW 335i

Lately, the sports sedan market is saturated with models from other makes, but even today, the E90 335i still leads the competition. Its twin-turbo N54 inline six provides enough power to outmuscle other models in the segment. Plus, high-precision injection makes greater fuel efficiency possible without compromising performance.

BMW i3

The i3 is the German auto maker’s first mass-produced vehicle that produces zero emission. Thanks to its electric powertrain and carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, drivers need not worry about energy overconsumption. It is like fitting the best features of a BMW car to an environmentally-friendly vehicle.


Zipping through the interstate in a Z4 is an incomparable experience. The latest line is available with a 7-speed double-clutch gearbox or a six-speed sport AT. The sleek exteriors, now coupled with an electro-hydraulic retractable hardtop, make it a sight to behold.

BMW has a long, illustrious history in motorsports and road car production. And, with such luxury status, their cars understandably come with luxury prices. But as every feature is worth your every penny, having one in your garage is a good move.

Those who cannot afford a new BMW do not have to worry.  With the help of used BMW car dealerships, they can drive a pre-owned car soon. Used BMW cars are a great buy as most of the vehicles retain their remarkable qualities, even after use. Besides, you can be sure the car is not a lemon as dealerships have high standards when it comes to used BMWs. It is like buying a new one but for a much lower price.

A reliable used BMW car dealership would be happy to welcome drivers looking for a quality model made by the same company that’s given the world the renowned automobiles above.



Oil refinery

Petroleum Engineers: Shaping the Future

The oil and gas industry offers diverse opportunities. This industry falls under two areas – exploration and refining. Exploration focuses on the discovery of new oil or gas fields, assessment, and extraction, while refining involves processing a raw product into a form that can be available commercially.

Petroleum engineers are the ones who are involved in almost every aspect of the production phase.

Oil refineryFields of interest

Petroleum engineers work in firms that explore and process oil and gas. In Canada, for one, the majority of engineers work in Alberta, which is the leading city when it comes to producing rich and diverse sources of energy. Engineers may focus on specific areas, which usually include drilling, reservoir management, gas processing, and different recovery methods.

Making the impossible possible

Apart from finishing the usual educational and training programs, those seeking engineering jobs should be capable of thinking analytically and logically. Engineers, especially those who focus on oil and gas, don’t just search for petroleum; they also improve the equipment and methods used for oil and gas extraction. They need to come up with solutions to boost production and minimize the amount of oil and gas that remains untouched.

Analyzing and optimizing the performance of a particular refinery are also part of their job. To determine the volume of raw materials a particular site will produce, and to predict the rate of extraction, they need to work with other people and analyze computer data.

It takes guts

Those who want to work in engineering firms should be up for any challenge. To be successful, one must also have a background in mathematics and science, especially in geology, physics, and chemistry. The work requires high stress resistance and energy levels in order to effectively deal with the demanding workloads, which usually involve coast-to-coast travels.

Petroleum engineers have different options when it comes to career growth. They have the opportunity to work for major oil companies, third-party oil companies, consultancy firms, or even government agencies. Those who thrive in building infrastructures and roadways may also try the challenging yet rewarding role of oil and gas engineers.

fishing trips

Get Hooked On the Right Lure

fishing tripsThe first thing any angler should know is how to cast a line; a simple skill that one can master in a few tries. A slightly more difficult challenge is matching lures to the fish you’re trying to catch. The location and season of a fishing holiday sometimes determines the kinds of lures that an angler can use.

Plastic Worms

Invented in 1949 by Nick Corma Creme, the plastic worm was originally designed to hook largemouth bass. Available in a variety of colors, the plastic worm aims to replicate the behavior of small fish like shad, shiners, and sunfish, which consist most of its diet.

Crank Baits

These lures are made of hard plastic, and sometimes look like small fish. Crank baits are for immediate casting and retrieval; the quick movement it triggers across the water causes some species of fish to strike aggressively. Because of their quick action purpose, crank baits don’t work so well in areas with reeds and undergrowth where it can get stuck.

Spinner bait

Many fishing trips venture out into reedy areas and other places where other lures snag easily. Spinner baits are sometimes called safety-pin spinners because of their resemblance to an open safety pin. Spinners have a weighted end, and a single hook that allow the lure to bump off timber when cast or retrieved, as well as sink to the bottom around drop-offs.


These are lures that have rounded or triangular heads that anglers can use in any season. They’re named jigs because of the up-and-down motion they do when retrieved. Jigs are the least expensive lures on the market, and the loss of a couple of them isn’t as consequential as losing a crank bait.


Developed in 1850 by Julio T. Buel, spoons are perhaps the oldest lure types in existence. Despite its name, the lure design more closely resembles a bowl rather than a spoon. The concave side of the lure makes it move from side-to-side when retrieved, drawing the fish’s attention.


The only lures to use when fishing for trout are flies. These lures have the simplest design of all, consisting of just a hook with a hair or feather skirt. These lures are customizable to resemble the species that trout feed on based on the season and location of the fishing site.

There’s more to fishing than throwing out a line and waiting for a bite. Careful planning and strategic use of the available tools are essential to hauling in the catch of the season.

Durant Says Westbrook Will Return Against Miami

WestbrookRussell Westbrook will return to the Oklahoma City Thunder lineup on Thursday against the Heat, according to Kevin Durant. The elite point guard has been out of service since going through a third operation on the repaired meniscus of his right knee.

The Westbrook-Durant Connection

Westbrook has only played 25 games in the season, but averaged 21.3 points, 7.0 assists, and 6.0 rebounds per game, leading the team to a 21-3 record while he played. Durant has kept the Thunder afloat with near inhuman feats of scoring. Westbrook’s presence is expected to lift a lot of the pressure off Durant and spur the team to greater heights.

Cautious Optimism

The team will be cautious with the point guard’s minutes, as they still don’t know how Westbrook will look in an actual NBA game, against the defending champions no less. Though there is reason for optimism as the same doubts clouded Westbrook in his first return at the start of the season and posted outrageous numbers after his second operation.

US VP Biden Likens LaGuardia To A ‘Third-World Country’

US Vice President Joe Biden is not a big fan of New York’s airport terminals, particularly LaGuardia. He said New York’s LaGuardia Airport could use some major improvements—and that’s putting it mildly.

‘Third World Country’

US VPThe vice president says if he blindfolded someone and took him to LaGuardia Airport, he’d think he was in “some third-world country.”

According to a report from the AP, Biden made the LaGuardia comment as part of a comparison with the Hong Kong airport. He says Hong Kong International Airport has the type of modern facility travelers would expect to see in the United States.

Infrastructure Improvement

The vice president’s remarks came during an event Thursday, February 6, in Philadelphia in which he stressed the need for infrastructure improvement.

Biden focused mainly on Amtrak, which just unveiled its new Cities Sprinter electric locomotive. But he says the nation’s ports and airports also need to be upgraded.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey operates LaGuardia. It says it’s investing $3.6 billion to help “provide passengers with a world-class terminal.”