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Chinese Tourists Name America As Top Vacation Destination

According to a new report, the number of Chinese tourists in the Unites States will be more than triple by 2020. This is after Chinese tourists name America as their top vacation destination.

Top Vacation DestinationThe new wave of visitors will include confident, more travel-savvy Chinese tourists who are willing to bridge out from traditional vacation spots, such as Macau and Hong Kong.

Top destination

More than 17 percent of Chinese travelers ranked the America as their top holiday choice, higher than any other destination. The U.S. is the second most popular vacation spot for first time travelers.

Chinese travelers have a reputation as big spenders. Lines of shoppers from China are a regular sight outside luxury stores in Hong Kong and Paris.

Leading Agendas

Shopping is the leading agenda of Chinese tourists who visit the U.S. Eighty-seven percent of visitors splurge shopping money at retail outlets in 2012. The report suggests that Chinese tourists spend an average of $4,400 per trip, making them the second-biggest spenders after visitors from India.

Experts Say ‘Good’ Cholesterol Can Be Bad For The Heart

High levels of “good” HDL cholesterol have a tendency to turn bad and cause damage that can lead to heart disease, according to a research from US doctors.

CholesterolEffects on heart health

Good cholesterol normally helps to keep arteries clean and is good for the heart. But the scientists at the Cleveland Clinic argued that it can become abnormal, which can lead to blocked blood vessels.

This HDL no longer does its normal job of clearing plaques. It actually makes them worse by causing inflammation in the vessel walls.

The findings may help explain why drug treatments that boost HDL levels have thus far failed to improve heart disease outcomes.

Dysfunctional HDL

Doctors argue that people should still eat healthily, but that the good cholesterol story is a more complex one than previously believed.

In their study, they showed how good cholesterol could become abnormal.

Small quantities of the abnormal HDL seep back into the bloodstream and this can be detected.

Bruce Springsteen Kicks Off South Africa Tour

Bruce Springsteen took his musical prowess to an area he has never played before, and he is glad to have done so.

Bruce Springsteen‘So glad’

“Good evening, South Africa!,” shouted the rock icon in front of 10,000 fans from the country.

“So glad to be in your beautiful city!,” added the singer.

Springsteen noted that the event was very much like his longtime rehearsal area in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Early in the night, he said, “I travelled 8,000 f***in’ miles to play at the Asbury Park Convention Hall!”

Unique touches

Of course, the singer-songwriter added a few unique touches to his set for the South Africans. He started the night with a cover of the Special A.K.A.’s “Free Nelson Mandela,” which marked the beginning of the “High Hopes” tour.

He also added a reference to the death of many South African miners in 2012 at the hands of security forces in his track “We Are Alive” taken from the album “Wrecking Ball.” Springsteen also played the spiritual song “Heaven’s Wall” in front of an audience for the first time.

Springsteen and the E Street Band are set to hold more two shows in Cape Town before heading to Johannesburg. They will travel to Australia and New Zealand afterwards, although no dates for the US were posted yet.

Black Sabbath Is ‘Going Back On The Road’

After releasing their 2013 reunion album “13” and touring, the recently-reunited metal legends Black Sabbath are set to create more music for their fans.

Black Sabbath‘Down for it’

“We’re going back on the road. We haven’t really spoken about it beyond that. I’m down for it,” said lead singer Ozzy Osbourne.

“Absolutely,” agreed guitarist Tony Iommi.

The recent album “13” is their first release after many attempts to start over and release new material. It follows their 1979 album, “Never Say Die.”

‘The natural thing to do’

Bassist-slash-lyricist Geezer Butler said that the sessions for “13” and the series of tours after that went “much better” than what was previously expected.

“We didn’t know what to expect. It felt like the natural thing to do, rather than doing it for the sake of doing it. We just wanted to be together and play together again and write songs. We didn’t want to go out on tour and do the same set as we’ve been doing for 30 years,” added Butler.

Black Sabbath will start touring again late March 2014 with dates in the US and Canada alongside festivals in Europe.