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Start Them Young: Teaching Kids the Heimlich Maneuver is Necessary

Smiling group of kidsChoking remains the fifth among the leading causes of accidental death in America. Choking cuts off oxygen to the brain, making the Heimlich maneuver imperative. The emergency-response technique has saved 100,000 lives since its creation in 1974.

The Heimlich Maneuver Explained

Dr. Henry Heimlich, who developed the life-saving procedure, works by clearing the airway of a choking victim through abdominal thrusts that lift the diaphragm and dislodge air from the lungs.

The application of quick thrusts to the upper abdomen, above the belly button, emits the force of air capable of dislodging and expelling an obstruction of a piece of food stuck in the airway.

Its advantage over the “slap on the back” method is how the air pressure pushes the lodged material up and out of the mouth, and not down into the airway.

Leolifesavingskills.com, a company offering first-aid training courses, says that basic rescue skills can assist in saving someone’s life. Everyone needs to learn about the maneuver, even kids.

Knowing the Heimlich Maneuver Empowers Your Kid

It may be scary to imagine your kids facing a life-and-death situation and having them perform the maneuver. But knowledge exudes confidence. Passing on this knowledge to your kids also says, “You’re grown up enough to take some grown-up responsibility.” And when you trust your kids enough to give them such a responsibility, you’re also telling them that you believe in their abilities.

Knowing about the life-saving skill also encourages resolve and grit for a kid. When you teach your children about the maneuver, it’s similar to you entrusting them with a big responsibility. Learning about the Heimlich maneuver makes a leader out of any child.

In an emergency, instead of panicking, your kid will focus on the problem and apply what he learned. Letting kids learn about the procedure gives them the power to save a life. Seeing someone choking might make them feel powerless, but knowing the Heimlich maneuver can help your child make a difference.

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How to Properly Pack Automotive Parts for Shipping

Car parts storageAutomotive parts do not come cheap, and they are often fragile and sensitive. These are some of the reasons you should always pack your auto parts properly when shipping, as doing so will save you time and money.

Here are some tips to pack your automotive parts before handing it out to the automatic container loading system. Automatic loading and unloading systems are usually safe and can handle fragile products, but it won’t hurt to follow these procedures for packing:

Clean it

Check each and every part to make sure that they’re free from any form of grease or residue. If they seem dirty, clean them out with a dusting cloth or a damp cloth. Get rid of fluids inside the parts and dry them well before packing, as leaving them with dirt and fluids on can cause damage during shipping.

Dissasemble and Seal

Make sure to disassemble any delicate component from the auto parts before putting them in their respective packaging. Pack each and every piece of bubble wrap to avoid breakage. Lastly, make sure that the plastic pouches are sealed tightly and properly before putting them in their boxes.

Custom Pack

For irregularly shaped automotive parts, fill in empty spaces by putting crumpled packing paper and then wrap everything in duct tape. This will ensure that nothing else will come loose and that everything will be intact during the shipping process. After doing this, make sure to get cardboard boxes and put your wrapped packages there. Make sure to get ones that are durable and can withstand being flipped over during shipping.

Make sure to use extra cushioning, such as styrofoam and packing peanuts, when packing auto parts. This will ensure the safety of your parts, as they would have something soft to bump on to in case the shipping gets a little rough. Enjoy packing!

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Making a Clean Exit: Maximizing Your Business’ Value Before Selling

Woman using calculatorYou probably already know that building your business takes time and effort. When it is time for your exit, therefore, you should receive the best amount from selling your company. This will help you fund your next business venture or retirement.

Ubcutah.com, therefore, knows that getting a consultancy company to advise you on the best strategies is essential when selling a business in Salt Lake City. They will help you prepare for the sale and make your company more appealing to boost the price you get for it.

Here are some strategies they might recommend to maximize the value of your company.

1. Build recurring income agreements.

Sales are the engine of a successful enterprise. You should consistently increase your sales and profits in the period leading to your exit.

Pay attention to recurring revenue agreements since they will generate income for the new owner as they establish themselves. Recurring revenue agreements boost your business selling price since they make it more lucrative.

2. Create seamless routines and processes.

Creating a seamless routines and business processes ensures the business runs smoothly even long after you pass the business on to a new owner and possibly new management.

Start developing airtight routines early that will enable the buyer to operate it efficiently. Ensure you document all routines in detail to provide them a guide.

3. Retain your key employees.

The last thing any buyer wants is a high employee turnover. Buying a business with a skilled workforce brings stability and generates profits for the business. By retaining your best employees, you will increase your business’ net worth, especially if they commit to remaining in the company after your exit.

While it is true that you have to let go of your business once it is no longer yours, it is still in your best interest to make sure you pass it on in good condition.

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Say No to These 3 Things for Healthier Eyesight

A woman's eyeImagine living with perfect vision: you don’t have any problem reading small text; you can see just about anything at a distance; and vision-related headaches are nonexistent. Obtaining 20/20 vision, however, takes work. It’s imperative that you take care of your health, and you should also avoid activities and habits that can ruin your eyesight.

For the first point, take time to visit an ophthalmologist in Monmouth County, NJ, so you’ll know early on if there’s anything you need to do to avoid having impaired eyesight in the future. It’s also recommended to eat the types of foods that can improve vision, such as green vegetables, sweet potatoes, fruits and Omega 3-rich foods.

On the other hand, here’s what to avoid:

Excessive screen time

Are you frequently looking at your computer screen? It’s hard to avoid this, especially when it’s part of your job. Staring at a computer screen for a long time makes your eyes focus and refocus, and this can lead to eyestrain, double vision or eye irritation. So that advice about taking breaks away from your computer now and then? Follow it if you want to protect your eyesight.


You may view smoking as irrelevant to eyesight, but it can, in fact, lead to cataracts and even vision loss. Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD, which results from the loss of central vision, and glaucoma can develop from cigarette use. As early as now, quit the habit to save your eyesight.

Lack of sleep

Sleeping is integral to optimal health, while the lack of it can lead to many serious health problems, including eye spasms and dry eyes. So always make it a point to get adequate sleep for your eyes to remain strong and healthy. And don’t forget to stay away from electronic devices before you go to bed so you can sleep soundly.

Don’t put any further strain on your eyes. Prevent vision problems by eating right, giving your eyes a rest, and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Top 3 Mistakes When Refinancing That Could Cost You More Money

Woman counting coinsCurrent mortgage rates are on the lower end, but you can’t count on them to remain on the lower end forever. If you’re one of those homeowners who’s planning to refinance this year, you need to tread carefully because you might end up spending more than you bargained for. That said, avoid making these costly refinance mistakes:

Refinancing Without Sufficient Equity in Your Home

This would raise your overall mortgage costs. If your home equity value is lower than 20%, you would need to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). This means that even if you manage to secure a low-interest rate in Utah, your PMI premiums would negate potential savings from a refinance.

Opting for a Lengthier Loan Term

Going for a longer loan term might reduce your monthly payments, but you might end up spending more over the loan term in interest. For instance, if your loan is worth $200,000 with a 4.5% interest rate, your monthly payments would be around $1,000. You would have spent upwards of $43,000 in interest, while saving up to $20,000 off your principal.

Overall, your interest would be around $164,000. If you decide to refinance the remainder, which is about $182,000 with a loan term of 30 years and an interest rate of 4%, you’d be paying more towards interest monthly. But, you save about $245 on your monthly payments. When you compare this to your original loan, you’ll only save $2,000 or less.

Doing Away with Closing Costs

Refinancing means taking out a new mortgage and replacing your original mortgage. This means that you’d need to pay closing costs again for finalizing the paperwork. On average, closing costs are around 2% to 5% of your mortgage’s value, such that you might need to pay $4,000 up to $10,000 for a loan worth $200,000. While you could opt out of paying closing costs, your lender would charge you a higher interest rate. This move could end up making your refinance more costly in the long haul.

Refinancing could save you a lot of money, but only if you go about it the right way and weigh all the pros and cons. It’s easy to just focus on securing the lowest interest rate, but you need to take into account other related costs. For best results, discuss your options with a reputable lender.

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Game Creation: More Than Mere Child’s Play

Person holding game console controllerMaking video games is a lucrative career in countries like Singapore and the U.K. This is not surprising since people all over the world today play video games on different platforms. This includes PC, game consoles, and mobile devices. If you want to join the increasing ranks of game creators, here are some things you need to consider.

Game Design

Game design is a basic course in many art institutes today. There are gaming and design courses in Singapore that are open to all students. Many designers learn the basics of game theory and then continue with a step-by-step approach to designing. Many of these schools use the latest game programs to reproduce realistic renditions of game characters and scenes.

Game Programming

Programmers are the people responsible for bringing the game to life. You can also spend a lot of hours finding ways on how to make a game work. If coding is your interest, this course is for you.

Game Marketing

Creating games is not enough. The gaming market is very competitive, and those in the industry know how important it is to promote a game. As creating and designing one may take years, the approach to its promotion and marketing can be slightly different. You need to pique the interest of gamers for a longer period and maintain their excitement.

Specialised Courses

You can create games for PC, gaming consoles, or mobile devices. Games have different categories depending on interests or platform, but all designers should learn the basics in 3D rendering, character conceptualisation, background art, computer animation, and even motion capturing. All of these are essential in digital game creation.


Certification is essential in the gaming industry. Though talent could take you far, you need the right documentation to prove that you have improved your skills. A certification from an institute that specialises in game design and development would make you one of the eligible candidates for a job in the industry.

The world of gaming is a vast market. To succeed as a game creator, and designer, you need to turn your talent into a skill that could create whole new virtual worlds.

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3 Tips on How to Find a Good Car Repair Shop

Repair man checking a carThere are many car repair shops in Alexandria and many offer the same services at the same rates. But it always pays to find the right one that fit your standards, price range, and preferences best. Here are some ways on how to find a good car repair shop that can be your go-to shop for a long time. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you’re looking for a reliable, fast, and affordable car repair shop in Alexandria, VA:

Check out who services the big businesses.

In your area, check out where the big businesses get their fleets serviced. Chances are they have done their research on the top mechanics in your area. In terms of pricing, car repair shops who have a huge clientele almost always offer more competitive prices compared to those who don’t have such. They also most often have the most experienced mechanics. This way, you get your money’s worth.

Look for repair shops with specializations.

Some people look for car repair shops that specialize in specific types of cars, while some look for those who specialize in some technical detailing. Whichever you choose, it’s always advisable to work with mechanics who not only have the right credentials and tools, but also the experience in the specific type of car you have.

Look for a car repair shop that is near you.

It doesn’t have to be a stone’s throw away from you, but the shop has to be conveniently located in your area so you don’t have to waste too much time and resources just getting your car fixed. Car repairs can be expensive, so it’s best to save where you can.

Not all car repair shops are made equal and you might be surprised that you could be paying more than you should. Keep these tips in mind and look for the right one that fit your budget and your preferences.

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When You Can’t Earn Anymore: Tips on Covering Your Finances

Woman counting moneyAs the story about the ant and the grasshopper has taught you in grade school, working hard while you can is your best answer for the “rainy days.” These can be anything from downsizing, an accident that incapacitates you, or just you reaching the age when you can’t work anymore.

But working hard for the money may still not be enough to secure your future. Financial planning for retirement or for unforeseen circumstances might also be needed. But how do you go about it? Here are a few things you can do while you’re still in your most productive years.

Save for your retirement

One way to achieve financial security in your advanced years is to start preparing for it now, never mind how old you are at present. The easiest and simplest way is just to save a portion of the money you earn on a monthly basis, treating it as one of your regular expenses like utility bills or mortgage payment. This way, you will force yourself to allocate the amount.

Keep your debts under control

Because you really don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, making sure you can pay off debts even when you stop earning on a regular basis should also be a priority. This is especially important when you’re nearing retirement age, as it will be one less thing to worry about and more time and opportunity for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Better yet, pay off debts as soon as you can!

Invest, invest, invest

It’s nice to have your cash stashed in some old, tin box under your bed, so they’re always at the ready when needed, but it’s better if you make your money earn for you. That means having a portfolio of different holdings that are conservative and aggressive. The latter will make more money for you while the former is your insurance should a downturn happen, and your aggressive holdings are recovering.

Get some insurance

Depending on what your situation is at the moment, there is an insurance policy that can suit your needs:

  • Payment protection – will cover your debts if you can’t pay them yourself due to illness or downsizing.
  • Short-term income protection – you will receive a monthly sum over a specific timeframe in case you can’t earn money because you got sick or laid off.
  • Life insurance – the most common protection that will financially support your family in case of your untimely demise.
  • Critical illness protection – as the name implies, it helps you financially should you get sick.

Losing the ability to earn money is always a life-changing experience. Making sure that you are covered as you adjust to the new reality should be a priority.

If You Notice These Signs, Your Car Might Be Low on Transmission Fluid

CarThe transmission fluid lubricates the parts of the transmission system so that they stay useful longer. Ideally, the transmission fluid would remain in your car for the whole of its life. If you ever need to change it, your mechanic will advise doing so after 50,000 miles. They might also recommend regular flushes.

However, sometimes the fluid might leak because of a damaged part. Consequently, it will compromise the functionality of your car. It is vital that you check the level of your transmission fluid when you take your car to a professional for a full car service — especially if you notice the signs that indicate low transmission fluid.

Delayed Engagement

If your transmission fluid is low, you could have a delayed response after moving your gear stick to drive or reverse. A decrease in pressure due to the low fluid can cause this. The waiting time is often between two to three seconds.

Gear Shifting Troubles

Whether your car is automatic or manual, it relies on clean and free-flowing transmission fluid. If the fluid is dirty or little, the response will be sluggish. Your gear shifts will then respond either too fast or too slowly. The problem is worse with a manual car.

Overheated Transmission

In a standard functioning vehicle, the transmission fluid cools the system. Without enough fluid, the transmission overheats. You will know that it has overheated if you see smoke, notice burning smells or experiences erratic shifts and gear slippage.

If your car overheats, pull your car to the side of the road and let it cool first. Otherwise, you risk severe internal damage. With the other two symptoms, the most you can do is drive safely and take the issue up with your mechanic.

Ignoring transmission fluid symptoms could have serious repercussions financially. Worse, it could cause an accident.

Do You Have an Extra $1,000 for an Emergency?

Stack of golden coinsYou may be wondering what type of emergency would warrant a $1,000 budget. A recent poll may answer your question.

The Financial Security Index survey showed that most Americans remain unprepared for any sudden expenses in the last 12 months. Only 39%, or more than one-third of households, said that they could cover such emergency spending with their savings account.

Unexpected Expenses

More than one-third of households in the U.S., or 34%, dealt with unexpected expenses in 2017. While this may be a small number, the fact remains that you may need to spend on something that was not part of your budget. This may include home repairs, a medical procedure, or when you lose your job.

Sometimes, even your money in the bank may not be enough to cover these expenses. In this case, there are many financing instruments, such as cash loan services. Taking out a personal loan in Utah or any other state served as an option for Americans, according to the survey.

Funding Options

Aside from personal loans, 19% of respondents use their credit card to cover any emergency expenses. Those who limit their spending on other things comprised 13% of respondents, while 12% said that they borrow from family or friends.

A household’s income also determines their likelihood of choosing to borrow money. Americans who earn below $30,000 per year, who are considered low-income earners, fall under this category. On the contrary, those who earn over $50,000 are more capable of using their own cash to cover emergency expenses.

An emergency savings fund should still be your best solution to unexpected expenses. When the need arises, you will be more inclined to borrow a smaller amount. How do you plan to cover unforeseen expenses?