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4 Steps to Overcome Burnout at Work

Tired woman from workBecause of all the rapid changes in the world today, jobs seem to demand more and more from employees. Burnout has become almost a common occurrence, but it should never be the new norm. If you experience all the signs of burnout, now is the best time to take a good hard look at your life.

Listen to your body

Sometimes, what you’re feeling could be more than burnout. Long-term stress and anxiety may affect your health. That’s why it’s important that you observe your body’s responses. Don’t ignore any pain and discomfort. Write in your journal any pattern, and don’t wait any longer. Visit a local wellness center, like RedRiver Health and Wellness Center, to ask professional advice.

Take a break

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, so you can’t expect that it would be gone after a day’s rest. Slow down and take a real break. It’s necessary that you take a vacation or a leave of absence from work occasionally. You need to have a different environment, clear off your head, and reflect whether your goals are still aligned with your current situation.

Consider a support group

Going through an uncertain time of your life is hard, and it would be helpful if you’re surrounded by friends and family that will show their support. As much as possible, stay away from colleagues who will only talk about what’s happening in the workplace. Seek comfort from those who will be able to help you get a headspace instead.

Regain control

Never rush your recovery. Take steps to go back to having a normal routine gradually. However, this doesn’t mean that you go back to your old ways. Now that you’ve had time to reflect, you know whether it would be best for you to quit your job altogether or stay. Either way, you should know your triggers so that it doesn’t have to reach to the point of burnout and you’d be able to manage it better.

No matter what other people say, burnout is a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored. If you know that you’re suffering from it, be proactive and take the necessary actions to combat it. Don’t compromise your well-being for a job that fails to value you.

Surgeons Performing Surgical Operation in Operating Room

4 Tips to Improve Hospital Operations

Surgeons Performing Surgical Operation in Operating RoomSurgeries and treatments are the bread and butter of hospitals. Without these operations, the hospital will have barely anything to earn, which can lead to it closing down.

If the hospital wants to last long, the administrators and employees must make sure that everything that happens in the operating room is effective and efficient. These are four tips to improve the effectiveness of the treatments and surgeries done in the hospital:

1. Purchase improved surgical tools.

Precision and accuracy are incredibly important in operations. This can only be effective with the right tools and equipment.

For example, bayonet bipolar forceps are helpful in compressing or grasping specific tissues and other sensitive activities during surgical operations. Purchase them and a whole lot of other surgical tools from trusted providers only.

2. Optimise the block schedules.

Sometimes, efficiency is a matter of proper scheduling. It may be best to test out different mixes of staff members so that the administration can see which ones work best together. Other things to watch out for include adding extra hours and tackling backlogs.

3. Standardise operating room layouts.

How the equipment, tools, and furniture are laid out in the operating room affects efficiency too. To make everything more efficient, it would be a good move for the hospital to standardise storage in the operating room.

4. Analyse costs by procedure and by the surgeon.

The tools and supplies must be cost-efficient so that the hospital will get more though spending less. Look at the costs by procedure and by surgeon.

When you are dealing with surgical procedures and treatments, every minute and move counts. It is going to be a matter of life and death, which is why it is in the best interest of hospitals to improve their facilities and performance.

Beyond Brushing: Improve Your Child’s Dental Health

Child having her teeth checked at a dentistWhile baby teeth will eventually fall out, they’re an important part of oral health. They keep the permanent teeth inside the gums until they’re ready to come out at the right age. As parents, it’s your job to provide your kids with the appropriate dental care and help them develop good oral health habits. This is to avoid tooth decay and pain, gum disease, early tooth loss, and other dental problems.

If your little one is already in the habit of brushing their teeth regularly, there are a few other habits they can practice to better improve their oral health. Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry and other kids’ dentists in Utah County share some of them:

Visit the Dentist Early

Your kid’s first dental appointment should occur no later than their first birthday. While they may not have all their teeth at this age, a dental visit can help you learn more about the best practices in caring for your child’s teeth. This will also make the future visit a more positive experience. By starting early and keeping up with regular dental visits, you can also prevent dental problems from getting worse.

Consider Dental Sealants

Sealants like plastic coating applied to your kid’s teeth (especially at the back molars) can prevent decay. They seal the tooth by keeping food particles out the grooves of the teeth, where decay usually happens. Dental sealants can last between five and 10 years and can be replaced or reapplied if they are damaged or have worn away.

Benefit from Fluoride

This mineral helps in healthy tooth development, as well as preventing or reversing early stages of cavities. Fluoride can naturally exist in water, but you may supplement your child’s intake if there’s not enough of this mineral in your area. Be sure to follow the dentist’s advice, though, as ingesting too much can be harmful to children.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You can help your child develop a healthy mouth with nutritious food, such as fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grain, and lean protein sources. Be sure to avoid unhealthy choices, especially those high in sugar. Soda and artificially sweetened beverages should never a part of your child’s daily diet. Water remains the best beverage for teeth and overall health.

Help your kid keep a healthy and a beautiful smile with these tips. Get in touch with a pediatric dentist to learn more about in taking better care of your child’s teeth.

Leave Voice Search for Now and Continue with Regular SEO

a man workingSince last year, marketers have been fiercely promoting voice search. In fact, major online media outlets considered voice search as a top trend for 2018. Data gathered from 10,000 voice results showed, however, that voice search will have little impact at all to current SEO strategies, including yours.

Voice Search Now a Reality

Voice search became popular as Google, Apple, and other technology companies rolled out voice-enabled search assistants. With the onset of this technology, marketers eagerly jumped on the new capability of online voice search. They promoted voice search as the next big thing that will follow the mobile trend.

Effective Voice Search Still Far Off

An SEO thought leadership site analysed 10,000 voice search results and found that voice search may prove to have less impact than expected. than expected. Data showed that only domains with an average of 6,000 backlinks appeared in voice search. Good content also factored into a voice search appearance.

Finally, as much as 75 percent of voice results already ranked high in the usual organic search, despite lacking any sort of optimisation for voice search.

Focus on Standard SEO First

Based on these results, you can continue to improve your current SEO strategy, without paying attention to voice search for now. Voice search will bring change in the future, but that future may still be a long way off. Instead, you can focus on preparations for Google’s mobile-first indexing, for example.

Prep for Mobile-First Google

With the help of an SEO company in Melbourne, Australia, you can make your website more visible to mobile-first Google in one of two ways. First, you can create a separate website geared towards mobiles. Your original and your mobile websites must have the same number of pages, though.

Second, you can make your only website as responsive as possible. You will do less work and use fewer resources this way. This change may also be more feasible for you.

In any case, voice search still has a long way to change the current SEO game. For now, you can focus on the SEO strategies you already have and improve them.

The Best and Worst Ideas for Using 3D Printing in Dentistry

3D Printing in processAdvances in 3D printing technology have made doing things much faster and affordable. It has many uses, from printing a mini-me doll to a working gun. It is popular today in dentistry, particularly in orthodontics, a branch of dentistry that focuses on straightening teeth.

Back in the day, that meant braces, either made of metal or plastic. Today, you have other options, and that is clear plastic aligners. That is where 3D printing orthodontic technology really makes an impact.

Best idea: dentist-supervised

Orthodontists today are fast becoming fans of 3D printing technology. It is useful for making clear plastic aligners. These are becoming popular with older patients. However, the first companies to offer it charged upwards of $1,700 for a set of aligners and a few weeks to deliver it.

This can be anywhere from nine to 25 aligners, depending on the case. Today, labs offer 3D printing of FDA-approved aligners at much lower prices, some as low as $50 per patient, and deliver a lot faster. This means savings for the orthodontist, which trickles down to the patient.

It is a win-win situation all around.

Worst idea: DIY

Clear plastic aligners are an option to traditional braces. However, they will not work for all cases. Your teeth connect to ligaments and bone, surrounded by gum tissue. Orthodontists study a long time to understand how they all work together.

Clear aligners can move teeth, but only in simple cases. It will not work with cases like cross-bites or overbites. You might also have gum problems that can lead to tooth loss. If you try to print your own aligners without a dentist to supervise your treatment, you could permanently ruin your teeth and jaw.


It is easy enough to get clear aligners quickly and cheaply with 3D printing orthodontics technology available in dental labs. However, it is not a good idea to DIY your orthodontic treatment unless you know what you are doing.

Otherwise, do it under dentist supervision. This will ensure you get the treatment you need to get the smile you want.

Would You Still Buy a Car Despite Their Higher Registration Fees?

Car salesman handing over keys to buyerProspective car buyers of a Dodge Ram ProMaster van in Provo or even just a Toyota sedan in Salt Lake City could pay higher registration fees, if Utah enacts the state legislature’s Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force bill.

The bright side, however, involves the exclusion of a previous provision that called for an increase in sales tax across the state.

Higher Registration vs. Tax Increase

If the bill turns into law, Utahns would need to pay $72 in registration fees from the current rate of $44. The rate hike served as a substitute for a proposed 0.15% increase on the sales tax for transportation. The proposal had included the tax increase to generate $80 million for public transit projects.

For owners of electric cars and hybrid vehicles, there could be a $122 and $52 increase in registration fees, respectively. All of the proposed increases would aim to raise $85 million per year for transportation plans. Those who intend to ship a car from out of state should also consider how it may affect the overall expense of buying a vehicle.

Shipping Costs

The average range of shipping a car within the U.S. amounts from $1,200 to $700, although there are some factors that could increase or lower the cost of shipment. For instance, the distance would be a factor with the average quote per mile worth $0.60 for a 1,000-mile trip.

If the distance only covers 500 miles or less, it would cost you around a dollar per mile. The charges would also depend on the type of vehicle and the time of the year, with the summer season being the most expensive.

You should only buy from a licensed dealer whether you are planning to buy a new or used car. Are you willing to pay the price of more expensive vehicle registration fees in Utah?

Top 6 Things That You Should Bring When Backpacking

Sentosa BeachBackpacking is probably the best way to enjoy South East Asia, especially the beaches in Singapore. But before you go on your travel, there are several things that you need know when backpacking. So, what should you bring on your SE Asian trip?

Dry bag

Most south-east Asian countries are known for its monsoon or rainy weather. So, it’s vital that you bring a dry bag that’s suitable enough to fit all your stuff in.

Travel journal

If you love writing and documenting all your travels, then bringing in a journal is the best way to keep tab of everything that happened to your trip. It’s also a great way to keep all the memories with you as you go along.

First aid kit

You’ll never know what you’ll encounter on your journey abroad. So, it’s always safe to bring a first aid kit with you on your travel. You may not need a medical expert, but it’s essential to bring some medicine like seasick pills, anti-histamines, and even plasters.

Mosquito spray

Wandering in the jungle or the beach can be a great experience. But it’ll all change once you meet those pesky mosquitoes. Bringing in some mosquito spray with you will ensure that you’ll enjoy your trip and be safe from the jungle mozzies at the same time.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are great especially when it’s humid or if you need it as a toilet paper. It’s handy, safe, and easy to use.

Water bottle

Keeping one whenever you go on a trip or travelling will keep you hydrated. There may be some instances when drinkable water is not available. So keeping one handy with you at all times will give you access to something to drink.

These are just a few things that you need to remember when preparing for your trip. What’s important is that you enjoy your day and just have fun!

Your Ultimate Guide to Being a Working Mom

Kid being taught by a tutorThere’s never a right or wrong way of raising children. However, it cannot be denied that one of the ways to do so is by spending more time with them. Yet, this doesn’t mean that moms should quit working altogether — unless you want to. If you prefer or need to keep a job, it’s totally fine. You’re capable of still being a great mom. How?

1. Outsource the chores

Delegate whatever you can to other people. This includes the house chores and other errands. Keeping a full-time job and housekeeping at the same time is hard work. If you want to spend more time with your kids, you need help.

2. Surround your kids with people you trust

It’s hard to focus on your work when you have kids to think about, but knowing that they’re in good hands help with your peace of mind. Leave your children with a nanny that you trust to make sure that their needs are well attended to. When choosing schools, especially for your younger kids, do your research. For instance, choose preschool programs in Phoenix that are suitable to your children’s needs.

3. Join a support group

It doesn’t have to be a formal group that meets regularly. Perhaps you have other friends who are working moms, so take time to have coffee with them and share notes. It always feels nice to be with people who know what you’re going through.

4. Set boundaries

It’s hard, but you need to draw the line between work and home. While at work, be professional and put on your executive hat. At home, learn to dismiss work e-mails. Be fully present wherever you are.

5. Stop feeling guilty

Last but not the least, don’t beat yourself up. You know that you’re doing this for your family and for your own sanity.

As Margie Warrell says on Forbes, working moms should realize that there really are going to be trade-offs. Being a working mom means you are spending less time with your children, but you also know why you chose this course. In the end, it is still going to be quality over quantity.


Can Plastic Surgery Improve Your Confidence and Self-Esteem?

a pretty womanIt doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from; everyone has something they want to change regarding their appearance. These physical imperfections can damage one’s happiness and self-esteem. Whether plastic surgery has any effect on one’s confidence is an ongoing debate.

Mohave Centers For Plastic Surgery, surgeons who practice plastic surgery in Lake Havasu, AZ, have noticed a change in patients’ outlook on life after undergoing surgery. This is also the reason why plastic surgery has gained popularity over the years. Today, researchers report that plastic surgery can lead to higher self-esteem and less anxiety.

Clinical Psychological Science

Reports published by Clinical Psychological Science have shown plastic surgery patients having a better mood and a happier outlook towards life.

The study uses information gathered from 550 people who plan on undergoing plastic surgery, 260 people who originally wanted plastic surgery but ultimately decide not to push through with the procedure, and 1,000 people who were never interested in plastic surgery.

The researchers presented several psychological statements such as “All of my problems will be solved,” “I will be a completely new person,” and “I want to develop more self-esteem.” 12% of the respondents felt that the first two statements were unrealistic.

Why do some people want to change their appearance?

The media has influenced how people perceived physical imperfections as an obstacle towards happiness. Tons of celebrities are getting plastic surgery to change their body image.

As a result, fans and supporters deem the idea of relying on one’s physical appearance to maintain self-worth. These characteristics contribute to how a celebrity maintains their elite status in Hollywood.

A change in one’s physical appearance will result in a change in one’s outlook on life. This truth may apply to mothers who have had children — because their body might have changed after pregnancy.

Liposuction, tummy tuck, and full-body lift are some plastic surgery procedures that might interest them.

Is plastic surgery a growing trend?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are about 10 million procedures done in the US every year.

Rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation were some of the most popular surgery procedures. Majority of the patients were women accounting for the 9.1 million out of the 10 million who underwent plastic surgery procedures.

Smiling group of kids

Start Them Young: Teaching Kids the Heimlich Maneuver is Necessary

Smiling group of kidsChoking remains the fifth among the leading causes of accidental death in America. Choking cuts off oxygen to the brain, making the Heimlich maneuver imperative. The emergency-response technique has saved 100,000 lives since its creation in 1974.

The Heimlich Maneuver Explained

Dr. Henry Heimlich, who developed the life-saving procedure, works by clearing the airway of a choking victim through abdominal thrusts that lift the diaphragm and dislodge air from the lungs.

The application of quick thrusts to the upper abdomen, above the belly button, emits the force of air capable of dislodging and expelling an obstruction of a piece of food stuck in the airway.

Its advantage over the “slap on the back” method is how the air pressure pushes the lodged material up and out of the mouth, and not down into the airway.

Leolifesavingskills.com, a company offering first-aid training courses, says that basic rescue skills can assist in saving someone’s life. Everyone needs to learn about the maneuver, even kids.

Knowing the Heimlich Maneuver Empowers Your Kid

It may be scary to imagine your kids facing a life-and-death situation and having them perform the maneuver. But knowledge exudes confidence. Passing on this knowledge to your kids also says, “You’re grown up enough to take some grown-up responsibility.” And when you trust your kids enough to give them such a responsibility, you’re also telling them that you believe in their abilities.

Knowing about the life-saving skill also encourages resolve and grit for a kid. When you teach your children about the maneuver, it’s similar to you entrusting them with a big responsibility. Learning about the Heimlich maneuver makes a leader out of any child.

In an emergency, instead of panicking, your kid will focus on the problem and apply what he learned. Letting kids learn about the procedure gives them the power to save a life. Seeing someone choking might make them feel powerless, but knowing the Heimlich maneuver can help your child make a difference.